Why the DMC Network

The DMC Network is a global consortium of premier destination management companies with a proven track record that has garnered well over 200 industry awards. Every partner in the network has a vested interest in one common goal: to use our creativity and resources to deliver outstanding programs for you. When you work with a DMC Network partner, you get the best of both worlds – the personalized service and creativity of a boutique agency, backed by the vast resources and operating standards of a global industry leader.

The DMC Network is the only consortium to boast 100% of its membership as accredited DMCs (ADMC). The members must meet annual compliance standards in the areas of client satisfaction, insurance coverage, financial stability, professional affiliations, and ongoing educational and professional networking programs. Through our alliance with Ovation Global DMC, our reach extends beyond 100 destinations across North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America. Members of the DMC Network and Ovation Global DMC are consistently recognized as leaders in the meetings and events industry.

The best and strongest DMCs in North America:

• 100% of our Members have their ADMEI accreditation (ADMC).

• Members average over 25 years in business.

• Mitigating risk with fully insured companies averaging more than $4 million each in liability coverage.

• Hospitality Leaders – ADMEI DMC Professional of the year nominees and winners have been DMC Network members.

• Industry’s most creative – Over half the ADMEI annual industry award nominations and winners are DMC Network companies.

• Destination experts who are respected leaders in their local and national business communities.

• DMC Network partners collectively represent well over $100 million in annual programs.

A client focused product offering that is unique in the industry:

• The scrutiny and screening of our members is unsurpassed. Annual ADMEI accreditation requalification means that the due diligence our clients require is being done for them by an independent organization every year.

• Ongoing compliance standards (including utilizing the ADMEI standard contract) which offers our clients the comfort and consistency that they expect from a nationwide company.

• Our companies are evaluated by an independent client satisfaction auditor to ensure superior service for our clients.

• Depth of local resources and connections that you get from working with an independent, locally owned and operated DMC.

• Sharing of knowledge between our members for the benefit of the client that is unparalleled. We have a unique matrix-like collaboration that is far superior to a “top down”/headquarters to subsidiaries model.

Our commitment to high standards, industry accreditation and sharing of information between network partners all add up to greater confidence for you. From the aesthetic details to insurance liability, we attend to every aspect of your event with the utmost care so you never have to worry.

Your knowledge network. With The DMC Network your meeting planning experience is easy anywhere in the world. Whether you need to organize an incentive program, conference or special event, you won't need to worry about the details of planning in an unfamiliar place. Combining our understanding of your organization and event vision with our planning expertise and access to the best resources over 100 of the world's premier destinations have to offer, we deliver exceptional experiences - every time.

Higher standards. No matter where your business takes you, every member of The DMC Network offers the same level of attentive service and boutique creativity. You'll have unmatched access to the industry's leading providers, with 100% of our members accredited by the Association of Destination Management Executives InternationalADME

The Association of Destination Management Executives (ADME) is an independent industry organization that annually evaluates and accredits destination management companies. ADME also certifies DMC professionals through its Destination Management Certified Professionals (DMCP) designation.
, more than 35 Destination Management Certified ProfessionalsDMCP

Destination Management Certified Professionals (DMCP) are certified by the Association of Destination Management Executives (ADME) based on their experience and knowledge of destination management standards and practices. This designation demonstrates the highest level of knowledge and commitment to the destination management profession.
, and more than 25 Certified Meeting ProfessionalsCMP

Awarded by the Convention Industry Council, the Certified Meeting Professional designation recognizes individuals who have achieved the industry's highest standards of meetings professionalism based on experience, knowledge, involvement and continuing education.
in the collective organization. Best of all, every member company is dedicated to doing business your way. We want your event to be incredibly successful. And we want your feedback. Our ongoing evaluation of client satisfaction means we're always striving to be better for your benefit.

An easier experience. Working with The DMC Network you have the unique advantage of institutional memory. Once you have built a relationship with one of our members, there's no need to start from scratch in a new location. By sharing knowledge of your preferences, ideas and successes, we work together to make the planning process easier for you. Plus, our alliance with Ovation Global DMC means that our reach extends across five continents.

Peace of mind. Our commitment to high standards, industry accreditation and sharing of information between network partners all add up to greater confidence for you. From the aesthetic details to insurance liability, we attend to every aspect of your event with the utmost care so you never have to worry.