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Brenda Thorn – President/CEO

Absolutely Charleston is a leading, innovative, creative, and award-winning locally-based Destination Management Company & Transportation Provider in Charleston, South Carolina.


We find – and our customers agree – that true luxury isn’t always found in monuments of Italian marble, Egyptian cotton, and Chinese silk. Today’s luxury is made of experiences and memories; of interaction with local residents who have a story to share and tell. In a world of constant connectivity with millions of faceless entities, today’s luxury is interpersonal, communal and truly social.

  • SERVICES                

    • Personal and curated experiences with local residents, artists, musicians, culinary luminaries, brewers, distillers and the Charleston’s Creative Community.
    • Excursions – both customary and bespoke – tailored to address each conference demographic. Tours of every discipline.
    • Sporting Activities that include but are not limited to world-class Golf, Shooting Sports, Salt-water Fishing, and Relationship-building Exercises.
    • Off-premise Breakfasts, Luncheons, Receptions, and Suppers in Private Mansions, Historic Buildings, Plantations, and uninhabited Barrier Islands.
    • In-house Transportation Solutions.