National Association
'Taking It Easy: Big Easy Style!'


City: New Orleans, Louisiana

Attendees: 15,000



The challenge:

This was the first time our client had their guest activities intermingle with the auto show and exhibits on the Convention Center floor, so we worked diligently with the venue and vendors to make sure each vendor had the space, tables, chairs, power equipment and other supplies that they needed. Additionally, our client sought an open set-up that would make each service visible to passer-bys in an effort to entice them to participate, so quiet and privacy was another concern. Because most of these restorative services are typically done in tranquil settings, we hung banners and utilized partitions to create a sense of privacy while keeping the space open.


Our plan:

As there is little rotation among host cities for this convention, most attendees and their guests had already travelled to New Orleans and participated in a variety of sightseeing tours to the city’s famed landmarks and attractions. New Orleans is well-known for its festive culture, so we were challenged to showcase a different side — a more relaxed side — of the city while maintaining a local flair.


Our solution:

By developing four unique relaxation-centered pavilions, we presented our client with a fresh concept that was unique and captivating. Set amongst the pavilions were “Cafes” that highlighted different stylings of local music and included local themes such as jazz, voodoo, and beignets to foster a sense of authenticity on the convention floor. We also coordinated an indoor Mardi Gras Parade, powered by an electric golf cart, to introduce the convention staff and VIPs who strolled down the center aisle on a float and tossed beads into the crowd.


Award received






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