Corporation Take Flight: New Hangar Reveal


City: Indianapolis, Indiana

Attendees: 150



The challenge:


When you’re known for being a leader in building and chartering multi-million dollar luxury jets worldwide, revealing a new hangar has its pressures. This client reached out eight weeks before the reveal to get support that would wow its mostly European audience. While the event’s attendance was estimated at only 150, 90% of the attendees were multi-million dollar clients, so it was important to impress and to showcase a seamless night. No event comes without it challenges, including the hangar still being under construction, turnaround times for custom branded pieces, and the extra time it took the local staff to run everything by its European office.


Our plan:


The incomplete hangar wasn’t going to stop us from getting the ball rolling! Blue prints were pulled out, pictures were taken, and ideas were created during the first hard-hat required tour of the beautiful new space. While this event was fun for guests, it was truly about business… thanking clients for business and generating more. This meant a lot of branding efforts. From the ribbon for ribbon cutting, custom takeaway, custom logo hanging from presentation pipe and drape, cakes based off of two planes, and a custom performance by the aerialist, this event’s branding was very detailed.


Our solution:


From menus to centerpieces and even the dresses the models wore, every detail was important in making the event a success. We presented the concept of a red carpet and step-and-repeat entrance, red carpet lined with the flags of all countries the client has clients within, a clean and contemporary presentation space, and a party area complete with the Top Gun anthem as the hangar doors opened.

An event of this magnitude is only successful with the participation of amazing team members. The team dazzled the client, and the reveal is known as the most successful in the client’s history.


Award received:



$50,000 - $100,000


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