Party/Automobile Company 2014: INDY 500


City: Indianapolis, Indiana

Attendees: 110



The challenge:


Ladies and gentleman, start your engines! The Indianapolis 500 is the World’s largest single-day sporting event and a perfect incentive weekend. When hosting the same incentive client with many repeat attendees, the pressure is on to create a better program each year. This year, the program doubled in size and an extra day was added because of the success of the previous year. As a buy-in program, attendees want to be there and have invested in the opportunity. Keeping the weekend action-packed with new custom activities was imperative to create another memorable year.


Our plan:


While the weekend is known for racing, offering engaging activities over the weekend was a major focus of the client. Adding an extra day to this year’s program created the opportunity to show off the destination in a different way, especially for those repeat clients. Offerings included some favorites like spa, Indy 500 parade, and go-karting along with new custom tours for the group including a local micro brewery tour – offering specific brews based on attendee preference, and a Segway tour around the destination created new experiences that showcased Indy.


Our solution:


Accent delivered a high-impact, fast-paced incentive weekend. Between the addition of custom tours and interactive experiences during the welcome reception and off-site event, repeat attendees were just as engaged as those attending for the first time. Street legal two-seater rides, micro-reality racing competitions to ride in an Indy car with Michael Andretti, and seeing race car manufacturing up close with a tour of the Dallara IndyCar Factory made this program stand out from the rest!


Award received:





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