Automotive Company
"Night at the Museum"


City: Chicago, Illinois

Attendees: 250



The challenge:


  • Select a venue that highlights the clients brand of uniqueness and superior quality; as well as surpass the previous year's highly regarded event
  • Develop an interactive theme event based on the movie "Night at the Museum" and incorporate elements that are reminiscent of the movie
  • Because vehicles are not allowed in the museum, determine an alternate area to display vehicles where guests could still view and engage with the dealers
  • Receive special permission from the City of Chicago to allow the placement of vehicles on public sidewalks just outside of the museum
  • Strategically incorporate branding throughout the event



Our plan:


CTC seized the opportunity to escalate a repeat event to deliver an interactive event that also allowed the showcasing of our client's vehicles and brand identity. We secured the Field Museum of Natural History as the event venue and backdrop to our "Night at the Museum" theme. Working with our preferred caterer, the food and beverage choices were specifically selected to allow the guests to mingle, network, and experience the museum. The client wanted to represent their "Midwest" roots, so we served beers from local brewers and the dessert "candy station" only had candies and treats that originated in Chicago. CTC sourced look-a-like actors that mimicked the key characters of the movie, from Ben Stiller as Larry Daley (the museum night watchman), to Theodore Roosevelt, Jedediah ("Old West" cowboy), and Ahkmenrah (the Egyptian pharaoh). Recognizing that placing the vehicles outside was our only option, we worked with some well-connected City of Chicago officials to gain permission to place vehicles on the public sidewalk.


Our solution:


CTC provided a high-end networking event that impressed and engaged the guests, as well as mirrored the automotive dealer's high standard for interactive experience and attention to detail. By choosing a unique venue, incorporating distinctive touches, providing superior service and attention to detail, we surpassed our client's expectations. Together, with pristine details, creative ideas, brand logo placement, and out-of-the-box thinking, we produced a memorable and impressive event.


Award received:



$100,001 - $200,000



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