Camp CT&D


City: Squaw Creek, Lake Tahoe

Attendees: 250



The challenge:


We worked with the hotel property to find the best location for the event on property as space was very limited due to multiple groups onsite. The outdoor pavilion and surrounding areas was chosen as the best fit. Multiple proposals were presented and “camp theme” elements were designed and sketched out to share our vision. Initially everything was viewed as “too western, not campy enough”. We were now only 6 weeks out and we knew we had not yet found the key elements that would make this the event our client had envisioned.


Our plan:


We sent staff to visit a kids summer camp two hours away to see what we were missing and how we could bring those elements into this event. Looking at the details of what made a camp through the eyes of a child made all the difference. The next revision of the proposal had what they were looking for. That was it; we had finally found Camp CT & D! Right down to the brightly colored camp sign, camp counselors and post card station.


Our solution:


The design was simple, wood tables accented with centerpieces that were earthy and did not match. The flowers looked as though the campers could have picked them on that days hike. The seating was assorted benches and mismatched chairs that all tied together inside the space. Full size canoes were used as beverage stations. Mismatched umbrellas provided shade to the space. There were lawn games and even a 28-foot tall climbing wall. The hotel’s water feature added a gorgeous waterfall as a backdrop and the stream wound its way through the event. Months of brainstorming and interviewing kids and adults to see what “camp” meant to them all came down to this moment. Then there they were; having a blast playing the games, thrilled with the various activities and enjoying the food. What could make this fantastic event even better? The amazing July weather in the beautiful Sierra Mountains could do the trick!


Award received:



Under $50,000



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