🇪🇸 ¡Bienvenidos a España! 🇪🇸

Foodie favorites are on full display in Barcelona, as Chiara from the TERRAEVENTS Spain team invites us on a gastronomic bike ride.

We squeeze in some beach time and Art Nouveau sites with her colleague Ana María in Mallorca.

And there's just enough time to meet with a final stop in Madrid to explore the city's colorful neighborhoods and soaring rooftop terraces with Adela. Ask about one of her favorite areas, Barrio de las Letras!

🇫🇷 « Allons en France! » 🇫🇷

Heidi from TERRAEVENTS France will guide us through Paris, ready to greet us with Champagne, croissants, and a cocktail along the river at sunset.

We're then off to the fabulous Côte d'Azur with Chloé from the TERRAEVENTS team. She'll take us from the elegant city of Nice to the medieval village of Èze, with a stop along the Riviera for a cocktail.

Capping off our adventure is Marie-Noelle in Bordeaux, the "Sleeping Beauty" or "La Belle Endormie" of France.

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