I don’t know about you, but I’ve been taught to never stand downwind. You know why? Because downwind stinks. It smells awful and it’s no fun. 2020 was downwind. Hundred percent.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the state of the industry and that the winds are finally changing. Pandemic guidelines and restrictions are easing up and corporations are feeling more confident in returning to live events.  No matter where you’re standing at the moment, take a sniff and you’ll understand what that means. The winds have definitely shifted. I’ve even detected notes of sweet success.

Have we Event Profs finally beat this pandemic? If my In-Box is any indication, then the answer is a big fat “yes!”

RFPs and Site inspection requests are flowing in daily. I can barely keep up so, full disclosure, I maximize my time by consuming YouTube data on 1.5x speed, reading only the headlines, and working on my presentation deck while simultaneously still attending all the Zooms.

But it was the results of the SITE Foundation’s recent Corporate InSITEs study on the future of incentive travel that convinced me to slow down for a minute, pay attention, and savor every satisfying nugget of information.

Of those corporations surveyed who use incentive travel as their key reward and recognition program, a whopping 94% remain committed to returning to live, incentive travel experiences in spite of 2020 events and the rocky start of 2021. More than 80% expect to operate a live event domestically before the end of 2021, and more positive results follow. I highly recommend that you digest these juicy tidbits for yourself on SITE’s website.

All of this hopeful momentum is definitely stirring up a breeze, and upwind is a nice place to be. I might even throw a little caution up into the stream and see where it takes me!