I splurged on a multipack of dry erase markers in 12 assorted vivid colors. I had to!

My industry event schedule is loading up, and I want each and every entry to stand out as its own glorious accomplishment. So, yes, my wall calendar pretty much looks like a rainbow exploded on the second half of 2021, but I’m not mad about it. In fact, it’s a whole mood.

The first half of the year was tinged with uncertainty, and still unclear about when and where we’d all be meeting in person again. Even as dates were being announced, there was some hesitancy to really believe that we’d be traveling again to live trade shows, events and conferences. But the demand to return to meeting in person is high, and so 16 months of missed opportunities have forced themselves in the second half of a single year.

Some of us will dive in head first; attend as many as possible to make up for lost time. Some of us will choose carefully and attend cautiously as we work through our reentry anxiety. But we’ve got a few successful industry events under our belt now, and we know that with best practices being shared, safety protocols in place, sanitizing standards being raised, we can get back to doing what we do best.

If I only had the red marker, my calendar would read like one long event acronym: IRFWECSMUIBTMFICPIMEXGIS. So thank you, “assorted color multipack” for literally giving me life as I document this lifting of the Covid clouds and a return of sunnier days with a big fat rainbow of acronyms to represent the hopeful promise that face-to-face is truly back and here to stay.