Have you ever seen the movie, Pretty Woman?  I don’t know exactly how many times I’ve seen it, but let’s just say, that I’ve streamed it enough times in 2020 alone to generate enough royalties for Julia Roberts to be born, live, retire and die on. Twice.

There’s the famous dinner scene where Vivian (Julia Roberts’ character) is having dinner in a fancy restaurant and is thrown off because the salad doesn’t arrive first – and that’s the fork she knew. So many forks, but which one applies to the specific course in front of her?!  Her dinner companion sympathizes by agreeing, “I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been able to figure which goes with what!”

That whole silverware situation… that’s me when it comes to trying to figure out global Covid restrictions and guidelines.

The pace is really picking up at work and out-of-state and international destinations are back on the table for consideration for upcoming programs. But, no thanks to Covid, the salad isn’t always arriving first like I am expecting, if you know what I mean. There are no one set of rules when it comes to proof of vaccination or negative Covid tests, or how many people can gather in one place, or masks mandates. I’m having a hard time trying to figure which goes with what!

At face value, the rules seem straight forward enough, but every state and every country has a different approach to how they are managing visitors and the overall safety of their people. It is more important than ever to lean in to my DMC partners and rely on their local knowledge of the most recent updates on restrictions and guidelines for their destinations.  And what’s more, they’re also the experts on knowing which ground suppliers are working at the highest level to keep me and my guests safe.

I’m a rockstar at my job, but this pandemic has introduced a whole new set of rules that I, quite simply, am not meant to navigate on my own. Without my trusted DMC partners to help me successfully manage it all, I run the risk of making costly mistakes. And, like Vivian, “I definitely have the salad fork. The rest of the silverware is just a little confusing.”