Can I just say?..... “I love succulents!” Hashtag obsessed!

Definition of a succulent - "a succulent plant has thick stems or leaves that store water".

I know. So random, right?  But follow me on this journey here for a minute. This thought expands.

I discovered this really great Instagram account that posts nothing but succulents. Gorgeous! So, I started buying my own succulents and placing them here and there and everywhere around the house. Then my obsession grew. I moved on to bigger house plants: fiddle leaf fig, monstera split leaf, and so on. But I didn’t stop there! I started gardening outdoors too, and learning more about plants that are native to where I live so I can provide nectar, pollen, and seeds as food for native butterflies, insects, birds and other animals. I’ve learned about the significance of biodiversity to help service the ecosystems that surround me. I became absolutely obsessed with understanding our planet’s needs for sustainable practices.

For the last several years, the meetings and events industry has placed sustainability at the top of the list when it comes to crucial elements that should be included in event design. We’ve seen firsthand, due to Covid lockdowns, that even the smallest changes in our everyday behaviors can make huge impacts that benefit our planet.

More and more DMCs, corporations and organizations are integrating green practices into their MICE events that go above and beyond “reduce, reuse and recycle” and it’s really exciting to see this trend become a standard and start to reshape the way we think about event design.

From environmentally friendly transportation, to exciting team building activities that get us out into nature, to reusable water bottles, and even virtual/hybrid events… we’re innovating, expanding our creativity and investing in the future of our global communities all while lessening the negative impacts on our environment.

This landscape will continue to evolve and I’m super excited about all of the possible ways the meeting and events industry can spearhead sustainability as a standard practice in doing business.

If you’re interested in learning about more ways to integrate sustainable practices into your work or your life, but don’t know where to start, may I suggest buying a succulent? And watch your inspiration bloom!