Two steps forward and one step backward. It’s like a dance, but not as graceful. And not fun. If I were naming this particular dance right now, it would be called The Frustration.

This is totally how I’m feeling about the recovery of live meetings and events at the moment. Frustrated: one hundred percent.

It was only a few months ago that I was raving about my new quarantine wardrobe purchases and all of the new shoes I’d be kicking up my heels in this fall at live trade events. Did I spend too soon? Will my Jimmy Choo black leather pumps ever cut a rug?  Even still, the ever-changing Covid-19 restrictions are guidelines are clunky and uncoordinated, and won’t stop stepping on my toes. Again I say, “not fun.”

While some agencies continue to move forward with optimism for the live events sector, many others are feeling cautious after the summer’s Covid-19 resurgence.

The latest Northstar's PULSE Survey shows some planners are choosing to reschedule meetings, but others still say the dance must go on. From reinstating and or adding new health and safety measures to requiring proof of vaccination, many suppliers remain full steam ahead, while dual planning virtual backups or hybrid offerings.

My mind hurts. Everything behind my eyeballs is wrenching in knots as MICE program decisions are delayed, and optimism for industry recovery in 2021 wanes. But even faced with these challenges, this event prof remains hopeful, and I’m certainly keeping my dance card open.