You’ve surely guessed by now that I’m the type of person who is prone to suffering from FOMO.  You’d be right in that guess.

Sometimes, even when I am at the actual place where it’s all happening, but someone else isn’t also there with me at that place where it’s all happening, I start to think about all the things I could be doing and saying if they were there with me at that place where it’s all happening. Then my thoughts turn to all of the things I’m missing out on doing because they are not there also with me at the place that I’m not even actually missing because I am in fact, there! Do you understand what I mean?  It’s like a FOMO spin-off. I probably should see someone about this.

But listen, no attendance tragedy has actually befallen me. I haven’t missed out on a single thing and now neither will my colleagues as peers from across the globe because the US borders will be officially opening to foreign national travelers once again as of November 8th. Not one moment too soon!  (I can save my FOMO therapy session for another day.)

For now, I’m basking in the joy. Living through sheer excitement as I think about connecting with my industry peers and colleagues from around the globe for face-to-face meetings again. And, the good folks at IMEX Group have a super plan in place and committed to the health and safety for everyone to have the best possible experience amongst necessary guidelines and restrictions. I’m all in. Let’s do this!

Start filling up your schedules! We’ve got a lot to catch up on!

See you there.