My DMC Network DMCs are literally ruling my life right now. In the best way. I’ve got programs planned for multiple destinations across the globe for 2022, and so far, we’re still full steam ahead.

That being said, I’m traveling less often for tasks that can and should be easily handled by my trusted, reliable destination partners on the ground.

Wow. All things travel and event related continue to evolve and change as they follow the twists and turns of the ever evolving and changing face of the pandemic. Let’s just say, if my next event were my new heels, I would probably be walking in wearing one navy pump and one black pump if it were up to me alone to get mentally dressed to approach all of the different restrictions, guidelines, terms and agreements of every destination, every venue…

My DMCs are truly crushing it. They are my eyes and ears on the ground and keeping me posted on all updates, which seem to be daily! Transparency is always key, and these days more critical than ever as we face these exhaustingly lingering (yep, I’m gonna say it) unprecedented times.

As we jump into the Holiday Season now, I can’t help but feel extremely grateful for this incredibly symbiotic network of suppliers and planners and how we each play our part in this glorious industry to reach success and all look like the legendary rock stars that we are. Just like Queen B herself. (Which queen did you think I was referring to?! Duh!)