Anyone else ever play radio/Spotify/pick-your-music-platform-of-choice roulette?

I flip stations (or playlists) whenever I’m in need of some new ~tuneage to mix up my workday soundtrack. Or if I’m just sick of hearing about a certain scarf, tbh.

This has helped me find some great indie gems. I’ve indulged in some truly excellent flashback party moments. It’s even prompted the occasional head tilt. Just ask me about the time I questioned whether it was a stroke of “creative genius” for someone to seemingly cut a record just from dumping out the contents of their silverware drawer and recording that. Call it the next big thing in music, and you can (probably) make millions off it!

Other than giving you some sidehustle ideas — hello there, my experimental sound designers! — I promise there’s a point to these musical musings. Yes, your go-to pump-up playlist will ALWAYS be your jams, for good reason. But there’s also wonder, joy, excitement, and a million more emotions to be had when you start carrying a new tune.

That’s the beauty of mixing up your soundtrack. And, turns out, the same principle applies when sourcing your next event destination. There is, and always will be, time and place for traditions. But — hear me out — what if you mixed things up for your next meeting? Pursued a less conventional venue for that incentive trip (even if you’re returning to a tried-and-true destination)? Or (gasp) ventured boldly with clients where few have gone before to explore an up-and-coming second or third-tier city?

Mixing things up when we’re talking about business events obviously involves more work than freewill radio station flipping. Going unconventional or unusual requires conversations with those in the know and the yes/no powers that be. But if you start seeding those conversations now, injecting variety, spice, and maybe even a surprise or two into your upcoming plans becomes that much easier.

What do you think? Time for a destination remix?