I’m setting (most of) the usual snark aside for today’s semi-serious entry. Today, I’m focusing on a message we’ve heard since we were young. Maybe it was our parents, maybe it was a big purple dinosaur from our imagination. Whoever taught it to you, remember their words now. In what’s been another tough year, let’s be sure to stay thankful — and say thank you — to each other.

It’s two words, two syllables. But wow, do they go far! Now, I’m not advocating we go around saying “thanks” for every small moment of any random day. But after another year of masks, social distancing, and other now-familiar habits, it’s more important than ever to let others know we’re glad for what they do.

And all of us in the industry do so much. We are a truly collaborative, engaging, inspiring bunch. For that, all of you have my hugest, sincerest thanks!

I must, of course, give a special thanks to our own Dan Tavrytzky. Trust us all when we say he’s underselling himself as only playing a “small role” in his final Dan’s Desk earlier this year. Thank you for all you’ve done, Dan. But know we are still saving you time for that long-overdue solo set onstage at next year’s Network Talent Search party! You can get back to us in the new year about what talent exactly you’ll be showcasing…

Also underselling her shine on our team is Aoife Delaney. Aoife took this whole “show your thanks” thing one step further in 2021 with #RandomActsOfSITEness. I loved seeing this campaign wind its way throughout our community this year. Pro tip: Aoife won’t complain if a #random tub of Ben and Jerry’s makes it her way as an extra thanks for her leadership as SITE president this year!

Okay. That’s me off for the year, something a few of you are probably thanking your lucky stars for as you read this very sentence! Never fear to my adoring fans though. I’ll be back with plenty of updates soon, kicking off in 2022 with a part two to this post about the power of please (Kidding — mostly! Unless someone wants this? Or knows another make-believe dinosaur whose lyrics I can work in…?)