You Don’t Get a Map, You Get a Compass Part 3

By Cindy Hartner, Director of Global Sales, DMC Network

I have completed one of my life goals – I have written a book!  It’s called ‘You Don’t Get a Map, You Get a Compass,’ and I am so proud to be able to share some of my messages with you here. I will be covering each of the below topics over the next three months, so do keep an eye for our newsletters in your inbox’s – some good tips to share!

Here’s number 3 – Journal and Celebrate with Gratitude

Three Steps to Nurturing Your Compass:

Stop.  Listen.  Wait.

  1. Breathe and try one small thing
  2. Relax and forgive yourself and others – we’re all doing the best we can
  3. Journal and celebrate your gratitude

Why Journal?

Is it a diary? No. Is it a memoir? No. Do you have to show anybody? No. But it takes too much time! No. It’s a waste of time! NO (emphatically.)

I had this great sales trainer in my career named Tom Niesen with Acuity Sales Training in Dallas.  He was tough.  No excuses.  But he gave me great tools which have served me for the last 12 years both personally and professionally.  One of them was a style of journaling which he has done for decades.  Why do I love it so much?  Well, I can’t actually put my finger on it, but when I do it I am productive, balanced, strong and happy.  When I don’t do it I am doubtful, stressed and disorganized.  My husband can even recognize when I haven’t journaled for a while.  Crazy!

It’s called BAGELS. B-A-G-E-L-S

Get yourself some kind of book and a pen you really like – like you’d look forward to writing in it.  Some people do it digitally, but I’m old school.  It works just as well either way.  Each letter is a section or paragraph that you write every day.  I know, I know, every day?  It takes a commitment for about two weeks, and then it’s a habit you’ll want to continue.  If you fall off the horse, just get right back on.  I take a break over the weekends but some people do it every day. You can do it in the morning or at the end of the day, but I suggest you do it at the same time every day.  Here’s how it works:

B – Behaviors

Things you are going to do just today, including personal.  It can be more than a task list and could even be something like “get up from the desk and walk 5 times. Choosing only the items you have to do that day allows you to celebrate that you’ve done them, rather than beat yourself up about the things you didn’t do.  Have a separate project list for the long-term and take a few things each day.

A – Attitude and Attraction

Every day I say, “I am attracting every person, idea, opportunity and circumstance I need to reach my goals.” And with each word I envision what it would feel like to interact with that person, receive that idea, etc. I say, “I am attracting ideal clients who understand their program goals and are seeking a collaborative partner to help them achieve them.” I also say “I’m attracting a solution for . . . “maybe something with my health, or maybe it’s attracting the right attitude to deal with a difficult situation. For my attitude I say things like, “Every day, in every way I am better and better,” and “my clients love working with me because I am fun, resourceful and responsive.”

G – Goals and Gratitude

Goals can be personal and professional. Talk about what you want. The Gratitude is the single most important part of this process for me. I talk about every aspect of my life that I am grateful for: my home, my spouse, my kids, my family, my friends, my health and smart people helping me stay that way, my job, my boss, my colleagues, my organizations, my education, my opportunities, my neighbors.  The more I need help (i.e. not feeling so hot about myself,) the deeper I go - “I am so grateful for a washer and dryer so that I can just throw my clothes and they come out clean!” and “I am so grateful to have a car that starts every time I turn the key. I also talk about financial abundance, because you probably have it even if you don’t think you have it.  Being grateful for what you have brings about more and more of it.

E – Evaluate Yesterday

This just refers to what was on your Behaviors yesterday. Did you do it? Do you need to add it to tomorrow?

L – Lessons Learned

I love this section.  Let your mind go wild and really think about anything at all you learned that day (or the day before) which can serve you in the future.

S – Successes

From little things to big ones, from professional to personal.  Be sure they are your successes and not something your kids did, unless it’s something that you did to help them get there.  Sometimes it’s even resisting the urge to fix something for the kids so that they learned how to deal with it. Maybe you did something you’ve been procrastinating (like making a dentist appointment.)

The more we celebrate with gratitude for every aspect of our lives, the better and better life becomes.  Give it a try and let me know what happens!