SafetyPois – a CoVid19 initiative

Many of us are entering new phases of our easing restrictions and re-opening our destinations and business’s.

As with anything new, it will take all of us some time to adjust.  As business owners, there are many questions which we are asking ourselves.  Overall, the most important question that we are looking to address being ‘how can I ensure a positive customer experience as I reopen?’

Created by Fabrizio Rametto, TCOMMUNICATION, in Italy- Safety Pois, a new product addressing this very concern, was born.

Safety Pois is a simple, effective visual signage system to manage the flow of people in a space, while respecting social distancing.

Using universally recognised colours – red indicates a place where a customer can stop to be served or attended to.  Yellow indicates a place where customers can pause to choose a product, take in an exhibition, etc.  Green indicates a free flow area, allowing customers to recognise areas where they can move easily through.

The mission of Safety Pois is to increase safety in your workplace or business environment by effectively managing the flow of people and customers – allowing the business to look after the health of your customers and co-workers.

Always the innovators, seeing a gap in the meetings and events space and with industry suppliers and partners in mind – three of our DMC partners have come together to assist with the international development of the business:

TERRAEVENTS is in charge of the international business development and licensing for manufacture and distribution of the product.

Imprint Group has secured the licensing for the USA allowing many other DMCN partners to sell/distribute the product locally.

Global Russia DMC & PCO is the official licensee in Russia.

We are delighted to see our partners innovating within the new economy that we find ourselfes in. For more information on Safety Pois, please get in touch with our DMC Partners:

Lorenzo Pignatti | TERRAEVENTS








Nicole Marsh | Imprint Group


Las Vegas






Fedor Vergus | Global Russia DMC & PCO