The memory...  It was 2008, and the economy was tough. I had just purchased Accent Indy in 2007 and was working with lean means. We needed a few wheelchairs for an upcoming program, but the vendor was going to charge an insane delivery fee... $75! In an effort to save the $75, I decided to go pick up the chairs. The location was out in the middle of nowhere and as we were trying to shove the 3 wheelchairs in my SUV, it started to pour down rain. That memory still keeps me humble.

The hobby...  I like to read fiction. Nothing too heavy, but some good old romance novels. I like a little more fantasy and some of the this-could-never-really-happen vibe to distract me from the real world.

The time of day... I’m a night owl. I like staying up late to catch up on work and recorded TV.

The pet... we have a little 10-pound Bichon named Friday that loves spending time at the office. How did we settle on the name Friday? My son (9 years old at the time) said, “Cuz, everyone likes Fridays”. Can’t argue with that logic! Although, it can get confusing when scheduling grooming appointments.

The smell... campfires. Nothing beats sitting around a fire pit or fireplace when the Midwest season is just starting to change. Add a few friends and some red wine and you’ve hit perfection.

The alternate job... I am fascinated by the valet stands at busy hotels. I love the idea of all the logistics that go into managing the drive, but you still get to interact with people. I'm not big on their uniforms, though, so maybe in my retirement, they’d lend me some flexibility.

The music... Yacht Rock Radio! It’s the greatest place on XM radio to find that slowed down, sing-along music with some of the best artists from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. If you like Pina Coladas…you should definitely check it out.  Their commercial taglines are almost as good as the music.

The feeling... when you’re at a restaurant and realize the tray of food coming down the aisle is for your table.

The accessory... I can’t go without a variety of bracelets on my left arm. Leather wraps are my preference, nothing too clunky or heavy.

The TV Show... back in the day I loved watching the West Wing. I wish they would bring it back.  Although they are old episodes, many of the issues they addressed are still relevant. I’d love to see writers from both the left and the right collaborate.

The place... my family has had a lake house since I was 2 years old. It has a big porch that overlooks the lake and has the perfect height rail to kick up your feet and throw back a few beers. Escaping for an afternoon in the middle of the week is the best.

The quote... You’re not saving money, you’re buying regret.” I heard this recently and it is so true both in my personal life and business world. It’s worth it to spend a little more on a nicer piece of furniture that you know will last longer than, buying something cheap that won’t hold up. In the DMC world, if you try and take shortcuts by cutting services, you’re only setting yourself up for something to go wrong.

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