The memory... I have so many but one that stays close in my heart: my mom cooking in the kitchen and me playing in our backyard. We lived close by the Mexico City’s airport so I would see big airplanes coming and going every day. I would be like maybe 6 years old and would tell my mom “I will travel a lot when I grow up” When I did my mom would tell this story to everyone she knew, so proud of her daughter!

The time of day... Shower time! My morning ritual is pretty standard but when I am having my shower time I get most of my ideas and dreams that later I can make them come to life!

The smell… The change of seasons. I love the crispy mornings during spring and when fall is coming. I can’t describe this well but the feeling of it just transports me somewhere else. The smell is in the ocean breeze.

The book... Demasiado Amor (Too much love) by Sara Sefchovich. She is a Mexican writer and the book got released in 1990, That was pretty much the time I moved to Cancun living by myself and got independent for the first time. This book helped me through during lonely nights and talks about a big love story traveling through Mexico.

The pet… Our schnauzer Rusty. He is a rescued dog and got into our lives 12 years ago. When we moved to Panama and could not take him with us my sister in Mexico City had just lost their Bruno at a young age so Rusty flew to Mexico City and saved that family. He is our wonder dog because he is a rescued dog that saves lives!

The exercise… At this point I am in a big competition with my Apple watch! I am winning haha. I break my own records of walking and exercising every day.

The TV show... My only guilty pleasure… Sex & The City re-runs. I am sorry I can’t help it!

The Music... The bad boys of Oasis, The Smiths, Queen and Amy Winehouse are top in my Spotify’s most listened artists. I am very eclectic regarding music.

The necessity… My family. There is nothing I do that can’t involve them.

The luxury… Ahhh. Tricky question. I think my health right now is a luxury. Whenever I feel good, energized and healthy I feel happy.

The piece of advice… LIVE! Place first things first. Family comes first than anything. Be grateful. Enjoy Life.

The Quote… Respect to the rights of others is peace. I even wrote this in the Peace wall in Belfast! It has a powerful meaning to me. Written by a Mexican past president, Benito Juarez.

The Friend… I am so grateful to have so many friends across the globe. My first friend was my mom. My ultimate friend is my husband, Alfredo.

The treat… If I can only try a red velvet cake once more…

The movie…  I just watched The Green Book. Awesome movie. Loved Vigo Mortensen as an Italian guy!

The hobby… I used to be good at Guitar Hero. I am not very good with video games etc. but this one really caught me at the time.

The vice… Buying the trendiest electronic gadgets. I love technology.

The virtue... I am a great listener.

The vacation… Big cities with awesome museums and iconic places. Our last vacation in Singapore was EVERYTHING we wanted and more.

The Dinner Guests… I am grateful I can cook a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings every year and be able to invite new friends all the time. This last year had a special meaning to us as the first one in Puerto Vallarta and none of the friends we invited had a Thanksgiving dinner before and it was also the first dinner after I learned about my illnesses. So much to be thankful for! If I had to invite a celebrity to my Thanksgiving dinner table I would invite Bradley Cooper (sans Gaga).

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