The memory... January 2018, Rome, Italy.  Standing by myself at the Trevi Fountain on a cold, clear morning with the fountain lights still on from the night.  There was one couple there and no one else in sight.  The city lights were still on as the dawn began and the crescent moon sat high in the sky between the buildings as they sun began to rise.  Pure magic!

The time of day... Sunsets at home in Hawaii.

The smell… Tropical, fragrant trade winds when the airplane door opens up at Kahului Airport.

The book... Barbarian Days by William Finnegan.

The pet… Jake, a pure-bred, cream Golden Retriever.  He is a therapy dog for my son with Autism.

The exercise… Surfing please.

The TV show... How the Universe Was Made

The Music... The Police, U2, Janes Addiction, Led Zeppelin, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Van Morrison, The White Stripes...

The necessity… Cell phone…sad, I know.

The luxury… Dinner at Mama’s Fish House.

The piece of advice… Making a mistake is only a true mistake if you don’t learn from it.

The Quote… Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision. ~ Winston Churchill

The Friend… I have three friends who I’ve known since “diaper days” that I am still very close to.  Matt, Jorma and Caleb.  Our moms were all best friends in high school in Southern California and they moved to Maui together in the late 60’s/early 70’s.  We were raised by the village.  They are like my brothers.

The treat… Dark chocolate.

The movie…  Bohemian Rhapsody

The hobby… Surfing and singing in our “midlife crisis rock band”.

The vice… The first cold beer after a good surf.

The virtue... Patience and ability to see the good qualities in nearly everyone I meet.

The vacation… A surfing and hiking trip with my best friends to an exotic, uncrowded, warm weather destination.

The Dinner Guests… Ghandi, Bono, Sting, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Josh Gates, Stephen Hawking and Jesus.