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You Don’t Get a Map, You Get a Compass Pt 2

By Cindy Hartner, Director of Global Sales, DMC Network


I have completed one of my life goals – I have written a book! It’s called ‘You Don’t Get a Map, You Get a Compass’ and I am so proud to be able to share some of my messages with you here.


Here’s number 2 – We’re All Doing the Best We Can


When you are feeling super-stressed it’s natural to be focused on yourself and everything that is impacting your situation.  Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by forces we think we can’t control and can only see how everything is affecting us.  We need a process to get past this and move on to a happier and more productive life.  I believe that the answer lies in forgiveness, but how do we practice forgiveness if we don’t feel like forgiving?...



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My Wellbeing Mantras

By Julia Trejo, Director of Business Development at Terramar, a DMC Network Company


I have been traveling non-stop for quite a number of years now, the majority of it being for work, which I love!  Working in the hospitality industry has given me a lot of satisfaction, although I do feel at times that I have neglected healthier habits. About a year and a half ago I learned that I had a medication condition that meant I had to modify many of these ‘less healthy’ behaviours, and I have truly found that my wellbeing has approved dramatically.


Below I have shared some of the key practices that I am now benefiting from:


1. Breathe. Taking one minute to breathe every hour or so helps me a lot. It sounds simpler than it is, but I like to focus on a specific positive thought and count to five with an inhale and the same with an exhale...


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48 Hours on Maui

...with DeSilva Meeting Consultants, a DMC Network Company


Nicknamed the Valley Isle for its increadble ravines and lush topography, Maui is and has been an island filled with legendary views. The second largest of the main Hawaiian Islands, Maui’s diversity is often the most celebrated feature with small, rustic town charm on the fertile slopes of Upcountry Maui to the airy resort spaces and legendary beaches with iconic surf. With such an array of experiences for visitors to the island to enjoy, it’s no wonder that Maui is often considered one of the most alluring destinations in the world.


DAY 1 Morning:  The day begins with an enchanting journey to the top of Haleakalā, translated in Hawaiian to “house of the sun” for the mesmerizing sunrises from the top. Ascend past the clouds to the summit of the mountain as the sun rises into the sky painting the clouds below a spectrum of vibrant colors and giving visitors an otherworldly feel....


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The Passions Behind the People

This month the spotlight is on Bethany Budd, Administrative Manager on the DMC Network’s HQ Team.


The Time of Day...

For me, the best time of day is in those few quiet moments right before I fall asleep. When I turn out the lights and remind myself that today was a good day!


The Book...

I love to read and there is no way for me to pick a favorite. I really enjoy reading historical fiction and over the past few years have read a lot based around the World Wars and the early 1900’s in America. There is a lot we can (and should) be learning from the past.


The TV Show...

Schitts Creek, American Housewife, This Is Us, The Good Place, The Office, anything on HGTV or Disney+ (just like my favorite book, I can’t pick one)...


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The DMC Network Expand to Russia

The DMC Network is delighted to announce Global Russia DMC & PCO as the newest Preferred Partner to the DMC Network family. This latest addition continues the DMC Network’s commitment to global expansion in 2020.


Founded in 2013, Global Russia DMC & PCO is one of Russia’s leading Destination Management Consultants, offering a unique and unforgettable experience of one of the world’s most exotic travel destinations.  Specialising in everything from conferences and business events to the most unique of incentive experiences – Global Russia DMC & PCO have a team of expert professionals with the most creative of concepts.


Commenting on the expansion, Managing Director of the DMC Network, Dan Tavrytzky said, “Russia has been a destination on our wish list for quite some time now.  As with every partner expansion, we won’t compromise on quality for growth, so we’ve taken our time here and are delighted with the outcome..."



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You Don’t Get a Map, You Get a Compass Pt 1

By Cindy Hartner, Director of Global Sales, DMC Network


I have completed one of my life goals – I have written a book! It’s called ‘You Don’t Get a Map, You Get a Compass’ and I am so proud to be able to share some of my messages with you here.


I will be covering each of the below topics over the next three months, so do keep an eye for our newsletters in your inbox’s – some good tips to share!


Let’s start with number 1 – breathe and try one small thing.


Three Steps to Nurturing Your Compass:


Stop.  Listen.  Wait.


  1. Breathe and try one small thing
  2. Relax and forgive yourself and others – we’re all doing the best we can
  3. Journal and celebrate your gratitude



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