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What is a Professional DMC?

From liaising with local vendors to organising entertainment, event registration, transportation and catering, see how a full-service DMC can save you time and money…
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Mosaix Group delivers a full-spectrum of corporate events and meetings defined by quality, collaboration, and creativity. Since our launch in 2001, the Mosaix Group team has managed an average of 90 corporate events per year ranging in size from 10-10,000 attendees. True to our name, we synchronize the hundreds of details and decisions involved in creating a memorable event, from a spectacular first impression to the perfect finishing touch. Through a combination of innovation and meticulous planning, we develop and execute industry-leading event concepts throughout North Carolina.

Due to the incredibly wide range of events managed throughout the history of the organization, we stay on track and within budget by leveraging in-house resources and long-term vendor partners to meet complex client needs. Our vast network of event suppliers and contractors have a proven track record of delivering outstanding products and services worthy of our clients’ high standards. Our team members possess well over a century of combined meeting planning experience including pre-planning, logistics, onsite operations, post-event evaluation, and much more.


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Meetings & Incentives

No matter if your program is virtual, in-person, or hybrid, every meeting starts with a goal. Whether that goal is education, excitement or something in between, they all begin with the end in mind. And every successful meeting is made up of decisions made months (or even years) prior.


At first glance, this process can seem daunting but don’t hyperventilate just yet; we’ve got your back. See, Mosaix Group lives for the details. We live for the hundreds of things that must happen to make an event run. Don’t worry; there’s a spreadsheet for that. The contracts, the menus, the transportation grids, the AV needs: these are a few of our favorite things.

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DMC Network - Partner Lockups - Horizontal - White Text - Mosaix Group.png

Advantages of our DMC service:

  • Meeting Strategy Management

  • Hotel / Venue Sourcing & Contract Negotiations

  • Technology Support

  • Logistics and Onsite Planning

  • Cost Savings and ROI Reporting

  • Communication & Content Consultation

  • Event Production

  • Sales and Incentive Program Implementation

  • Event Apps and Gamification

  • Sponsorship and Exhibitor Management

  • Social Media Management

  • Security Management

  • Transportation Management

  • Event Décor and Design

  • Event Staffing

  • Vendor Management

  • Interactive Entertainment