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DMC partners named as "Smart Women in Meetings" Winners

Congratulations to the DMC Network members who were honored as part of this year's Smart Meetings list!

Now in its ninth edition, Smart Meetings annually recognizes women in the meetings industry, highlighting and celebrating individuals they say represent "extraordinary leaders" who deliver standout events around the world.

Congratulations to the DMC Network Network receiving accolades this year!

Says Maoreen about her "entrepreneur" Smart Meetings honor: I believe in creating a positive and playful environment by focusing on humor and encouragement. Most importantly, I believe laughter is essential for healthy relationships, teamwork and successful living. Even in moments of stress, I value humor over shaming and bullying and prioritize making everyone feel included, respected, and cared for.

Says Adriane about her "visionary" Smart Meetings honor: My biggest goal is to remember to occasionally look up, breathe, and savor the journey toward our future destination. After all, it’s the moments of reflection and appreciation that truly enrich the path we travel. Cheers to embracing the journey and those that are on it with you as much as the destination itself.

Says Diane about her "entrepreneur" Smart Meetings honor: Life doesn’t stop, nor do I. Between life and career twists, one thing remains constant: my love for connecting with people and making a difference. Looking ahead, I’m pumped to up the ante in doing good for my community, cooking up exciting partnerships to spread some positive vibes. After all, life’s too short not to make a splash and leave a mark that lasts.

Says Kate about being inducted into the All-time Hall of Fame: I'm honored to be in the All-time Hall of Fame and welcome in the new ladies. These three DMC partners especially alongside me? Pure magic!

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Barb Campbell
Barb Campbell
22 de mar.

Congratulations to this class of inspiring women!

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