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A presidential new DMC Network partner

Earlier this summer, the DMC Network welcomed INBOUND Services, a DMC with offices in Germany and Austria, as one of our newest partners.

Jens Blaumeier, the owner and managing director of INBOUND Services, shared more about his 20+ year journey (so far!) at the helm of INBOUND. As someone who’s worked in the wider tourism industry since he started studying the subject at age 16, he had much to share.

Where in the world you’ll find INBOUND Services

Jens and his team have immense knowledge about the destinations their DMC operates in. The team works across Germany and Austria, with offices and experienced staff members in both countries.

Germany should top people’s travel bucket lists, says Jens, given that it has so much to offer — more than people think. It’s also a prime business destination given that Germany is home to many international industry trade shows and multinational companies that power the destination’s economy.

Austria too, Jens says, has virtually everything on offer delegates could want, especially when it comes to natural beauty. With lakes, mountains, alps, and beautiful cities like Vienna, it packs plenty of history into a relatively small footprint.

Both countries are a good blend of modern and less contemporary history, Jens emphasized, and offer very different settings and ranges of accommodations, activities, and amenities.

An important industry connection

Wider industry involvement is a hallmark many of our DMC partners share, and Jens is certainly no exception. Jens is a founding member of the Federal Association of German DMCs (called the “Bundesverband der Deutschen Incoming-Unternehmen e. V., and abbreviated as “BVDIU” in German) and currently serves as BVDIU President.

The association is a tremendously important resource for German DMCs, says Jens. The group regularly advocates at a federal level for policies that help members continue running their businesses smoothly. BVDIU members raise awareness of the value of DMCs throughout Germany and instill a sense of pride in members, who are sometimes seen as a niche section of Germany’s wider travel and business event industries.

Jens connections and BVDIU involvement means INBOUND Services is well-positioned to shape not just the DMC Network’s European footprint, but that INBOUND also has the ear of key country stakeholders, and is actively working to enhance the experience for clients bringing programs to Germany and its surrounds.

Starting strong within the DMC Network

The INBOUND Services team is eager to bring a European point of view to the DMC Network and learn from their North, Central, and South American collaborators within the Network, too

It’s about simultaneously learning and giving, says Jens. No one’s perfect, and part of what DMCs do best is adapting and improving. He and his team look forward to growing from the experience and know-how within the Network and adding their voices into the mix as well.


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