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Go Behind the Scenes of SITE's Global Conference 2022 with Custom Ireland

SITE Global Conference 2022 brought just over 500 delegates to Dublin the week of April 18 to connect, learn, discover, and shape the future of incentive travel.

Aoife Delaney (also SITE's 2021 President) and Margie McCartney from the DMC Network HQ team both spoke at this year's event, and were also excited to see some familiar faces in the crowd from Imprint Group and TERRAEVENTS.

Behind it all though was a very special partner DMC of the Network — Custom Ireland. Here to share their unique insights on how they helped delegates discover the best of Dublin and kept this event-for-event-profs running smoothly are a few members of the Custom Ireland team.

Pictured left to right below and well-deserving of a shoutout are team members who were onsite during Global Conference: Arthur McGauran, Robert Smyth, Isabel Hagel, Karolina Kowalczyk, Joyce Baptistella, Josh Odenholm, and Crothúr Murphy.

“After 18 months of disruption due to the pandemic, the Global Conference marked the successful return of international business tourism, and being selected as the DMC to create and manage the social programme of the SITE Global Conference 2022 was an honour.

My team at Custom Ireland were tasked to showcase Dublin’s incentive offerings, and I’m extremely proud of what they delivered and indeed, the collaborative spirit of the SITE Ireland chapter members. Without a doubt, Arthur, Isabel, Joyce and the rest of our team have validated Custom Ireland’s position as one of Ireland's leading DMCs.”

-- Crothúr Murphy, Owner + Managing Director of Custom Ireland

"Working behind the scenes at the SITE Global Conference was an amazing experience. It gave me great pride to see the Irish incentive community get behind the conference, and showcase the best of what our pretty little country has to offer. I was also immensely proud of the Custom Ireland team and incredibly grateful to have been trusted by Fáilte Ireland to deliver the DMC elements for a programme of this significance for our industry."

-- Arthur McGauran, General Manager at Custom Ireland

“The combination of organising the social aspects of the Global Conference and attending as a David Riddell scholarship recipient was an experience I will never forget. Planning an event for industry professionals was challenging, but it was incredible to see it all come together in such a fantastic event that everyone was raving about. Attending a SITE Global Conference this early on in my career has been an invaluable opportunity I’m very grateful for.”

-- Isabel Hagel, Senior Operations Executive at Custom Ireland

Please join us in sharing your (virtual) applause for the amazing work the entire Custom Ireland team did in planning this event, over 2+ years in the making. It was an incredible success for SITE, for our industry, and for the hundreds of event profs who gathered in Dublin with us!


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