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Matt Robertson joins Terramar’s Destination Tahoe Meetings & Events

We’re thrilled to see the DMC Network continue to grow, with many of our DMC partners adding new stars to their teams as business booms. These top-notch event profs are jumping right in, using their talents to strengthen the events and services offered across the constellation of destinations that make up our Network.

Today, we’re featuring a DMC partner whose teams excel at doing exactly that. Terramar, our DMC partner serving Los Cabos, Cancun & Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Panama, San Francisco, Napa & Sonoma, San Diego & Orange County, Lake Tahoe, and Reno, is continuing to expand its US presence with two new team members.

Matt Robertson, the new Director of Sales for Destination Tahoe Meetings & Events, had lots to share about this exciting new role within Terramar.

What made you interested in joining Terramar?

I was lucky enough to have some exposure to the DMC world on and off for several years as an on-call coordinator while working in hotels here in Lake Tahoe. I always found the work interesting, exciting, and rewarding — bringing people’s event and travel dreams to life in unique and customized ways! When Lisa DeLeon came to me with this opportunity, it seemed like the perfect time to jump in fully. The chance to join a growing company with a proven international track-record and share my love of Lake Tahoe with our clients just seemed tailor-made.

What are you looking forward to showcasing about Tahoe and sharing with clients?

In my mind, Lake Tahoe is its own showcase. This destination’s natural beauty is singular and honestly, sometimes we have to get out of its way!

Enabling clients to slow down a little — catch a sunset, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard, hike, bike, or go out on a sailing charter — these slower-paced activities give people the chance to take in their surroundings, which is really what makes this destination so special. Giving clients a taste of that life is the best experience we can share with them and one they will never forget

Tahoe leaves impressions on those who visit — it certainly did on me. Designing ways for people to open themselves up to it, even if they don’t know it’s happening, is endlessly rewarding. This is my home, and there is no place like it in the world.

I think the genuine passion that we have for all of our destinations is one of Terramar’s greatest assets, company-wide. I’m just lucky enough to live in one where, some years, you can ski/snowboard in the morning and then catch the prettiest Fourth of July firework show in the country on the beach in the evening!

Is there anything you’re especially looking forward to in your destination this year?

Lake Tahoe is having a rather remarkable moment. The past two years were some of the busiest EVER in this market despite raging wildfires and a global pandemic that took our industry on a wild ride that isn’t over yet!

With international travel complicated and large-scale corporate events still beginning to come back into the mix, we have seen a massive uptick in interest in our domestic, outdoor activity-centered destination. For me, this is a moment to embed this destination as a top-tier option in the industry regardless of the global economic climate.

While Tahoe is known for high-visibility events (celebrity golf, world-class skiing, outdoor concerts, even a hockey game!), the chance to embrace clients who would not have previously considered Lake Tahoe for their event is a unique opportunity to share this unique destination and introduce them to the variety of markets Terramar operates in. Continuing to make Tahoe a responsible and attainable destination for more travelers than ever is a genuine honor.

Terramar is also part of the DMC Network — hence this post! Why are you looking forward to being part of the DMC Network?

I can’t wait to connect with our DMC partners! I’m endlessly curious about all of our destinations. I’m a travel junkie and getting to talk with Network partners, learn what they love about their destinations, and their operational and sales strategies is a great opportunity on so many levels.

Being able to share referrals with trusted partners who we know will take care of our clients the way we would is huge as well. I would not be in this business if I wasn’t passionate about the level of service we provide at Terramar. Being able to lean on our DMC Network partners to operate as an extension of ourselves offers peace of mind and is an amazing business resource. Selfishly as someone who is new to the DMC side of the travel and hospitality world, I also really look forward to sponging up some stories and knowledge from Network partners.

International travel and history! From food to football (soccer), I’ve been to some pretty far-flung corners of the world and love sharing stories and hearing from others about the places they’ve been and what took them there.

There are endless opportunities to broaden our own horizons through travel. What better way to get inspired than to converse with professionals who have stories to share? My own journey in Lake Tahoe began with running environmentally focused exchange programs between the US and Russia (ask me about Tahoe’s “sister lake”!). I previously worked for a company that started DMC operations in Armenia, Russia, and the Republic of Georgia as well.

Of course, I’m happy to provide a ski/trail report on Tahoe conditions any time as well: just reach out or come visit! No better place to get to know each other than on a chairlift or on a hiking trail.


Thank you to Matt for such a great glimpse of Tahoe! You can also reach out to Matt to discuss bringing your next event to Tahoe.


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