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Navigating the ins and outs of Transportation with your DMC Partner


Chris Baker

Director of Global Sales, Midwest, Southeast & Eastern Canada | DMC Network


The last 2+ years have introduced new challenges for all of us, with more curveballs to come if this spring is anything to measure by. Even as we start exploring new ways of doing business post-pandemic, some program elements are best left in the hands of a trustworthy DMC partner no matter where your event takes place.

One example that jumps straight to mind of what I’m describing here is transportation. As in-person events come racing back, we’ve heard a few horror stories of clients who tried to outsource transportation or manage it themselves, only to have clients get lost, stranded, or feel deeply disappointed with their experience.

Working with your DMC partner is absolutely critical when coordinating how attendees will move from point A to point B (and points C, D, E…) over the course of your program.

Here are just a handful of reasons why, especially coming out of the pandemic, it is more important than ever to trust your DMC partner with transportation duties.

The right transportation creates a solid first impression and a lasting lingering one, too.

Transportation sets the tone for the overall meeting and is also typically the last piece of a program, with getting attendees to the airport or another point of departure.

Working with your DMC partner’s recommended transportation providers bookends your event, ensuring that a pick-up snafu or late departure doesn’t sour an otherwise successful few days.

Sourcing from trusted vendors lets you directly tap into local knowledge and expertise.

Your DMC-recommended drivers will be locals who know the destination — no getting lost, dropping delegates off at the wrong hotel entrance, or wrong terminal. They also know the local rules and regulations, adding extra value for you and your attendees.

Working with a DMC also helps your event budget.

Out-of-town buses and drivers might save you some money on the front end, but the frustration and time spent during operations is not worth the few dollars saved upfront.

Moreover, your DMC will have personally vetted their transportation providers and work with them on a weekly basis. Volume discounts are applied, the best internal dispatch staff are assigned to their account, and the best drivers are also used due to this volume discount.

You’ll be guaranteed peace of mind…

For events or offsites, the team at the venue can be in touch with the buses, know exactly when they will arrive, and allow you to prep your entertainers, bartenders servers, and any other venue staff so all are ready when the group arrives.

DMCs also know who the best of the best is in their market. A new car or new bus is useless without an experienced chauffeur or driver.

…along with clean, safe vehicles.

You will have a clean, updated vehicle. Drivers are also vetted to the highest standard, with protocols in place on dress code, etiquette, and customer service.

It will save you time, energy, and effort in the end.

Free up your time to focus on the hotel, event space, educational content, and other parts of your program, instead of worrying whether your attendees will be transported to the right places.

We help each other most when we work collaboratively together and allow destination partners to flex their knowledge and connections to deliver on your vision as an event organizer. So step back, take an item off your to-do, and let your DMC lead on transportation arrangements. You’ll enjoy the security and comfort this instantly creates for your next event.


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