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Planning for an events (R)evolution with Corinthian Events

“We don’t follow trends, we set them,” the Corinthian Events website boldly proclaims.

This is maybe to be expected from a DMC with a Boston office mere blocks away from historic American Revolution sites like the Old South Meeting House, King’s Chapel, and Faneuil Hall.

You won’t find stale, centuries-old ideas from Corinthian though. While their city — and the team — are proud of their historic surrounds, their event concepts also embrace New England’s innovative spirit.

With 2023 just around the corner, Corinthian is poised for a bright start, with much to show off in their destination. Here are just some of the ways the team is

(r)einventing and (r)evolutionizing their vision for events in the new year and beyond.

(R)evolution #1: the destination’s future is decidedly female

Right off the top, we’re giving a nod to the strong female leadership powering all corners of Boston (and the Greater New England area). Corinthian itself is a women-owned business, with co-founders Jill Tate & Courtney Church now in good company.

2023 will see the ushering in of Maura Healy as Massachusetts governor and Kim Driscoll as lieutenant governor. They’ll be the first all-women executive slate in the Commonwealth’s history, and Healy will also be the first openly lesbian governor in the nation.

Michelle Wu, the current mayor of Boston, is also the first woman and person of color to serve in her office. And with even more direct ties to our industry, the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau, recently rebranded as “Meet Boston,” is under the direction of Martha Sheridan as CEO.

Strong female leadership isn’t a new concept for New Englanders. Those looking to add some additional “girl power” to their next event can always skip an offsite excursion to the more staid Freedom Trail and hit the Boston Women’s Heritage Trail instead — thirteen routes that highlight the achievements of more than 200 history-making women.

The Corinthian team is ready to be your guide, wherever you’d like to blaze trails of your own.

(R)evolution #2: exciting new venues to explore

New openings mean fresh, dynamic event spaces where the Corinthian team can help you hold your next event.

This includes every interactive club around like Spin (ping pong), Flight Club (darts bar), and Putt Shack Boston (indoor mini golf), all located in the new Seaport area; MGM Music Hall, bringing fresh sounds to the historic Fenway neighborhood; and Raffles Boston Back Bay Hotel & Residences, a 35-story LEED Gold building with a three-story Sky Lobby on the 17-19th floors.

Whether you’re looking for new, inspiring places to hold your next event or wish to revisit historic standbys (the Cyclorama in Boston’s South End, originally built in 1884, makes for just as inspiring of a blank canvas!), the Corinthian team knows where to direct you.

(R)evolution #3: delicious eats of all shapes and sizes

Of course, your event’s only as good as what you eat! While they’d never knock the classics — bring on those Boston Cream Pies, clam “chowdah,” and cannolis from the North End — the Corinthian team is especially excited about newer foodie must-tries like Little Whale Oyster Bar on Newbury Street and Tenderoni by chef Tiffani Faison, for those ready to upgrade their menus.

(R)evolution #4: home to new tech

Give it up for New England: with incredibly smart minds at institutions like Harvard, MIT, and Brown, the area’s invented quite a few brilliant pieces of technology — including the first printing press, first sewing machine, the telephone, microwave ovens, and even the modern computer.

Corinthian is also exploring new event tech and catching eyes and applause for it. The company was recently named a 2023 ADMEI Award finalist in the “Best Entertainment Production” category for a drone show the team produced this summer on one of Boston’s Harbor Islands to close out an incentive program.

​The show proved to be the most memorable part of the evening, with 100 drones designed and choreographed to the client’s incentive program theme, with perfectly tracked music. The 12-minute show was a surprise for all, and left everyone in awe of the impressive views in the night sky above them.

(R)evolution #5: diverse and vibrant communities excited to welcome new faces

Most exciting though is just how diverse Boston increasingly is, making it a good fit for a wide range of events and audiences. The city’s latest tourism pitch, as a recent article explains, “highlights how one of the nation’s oldest cities now encompasses 23 neighborhoods and residents who speak a combined 76 languages.”

​Well-versed in supporting the communities they work in and are part of, the Corinthian team won a second ADMEI nod this year for “Best Community or Public Event.” The Corinthian team is continually getting to know new parts of Boston and its surrounds throughout New England, leaving these event profs brimming with ideas for cutting-edge events.

Talk about a revolution indeed!


Inspired to bring your next event to New England? Get in touch with Corinthian.


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