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CSR & Sustainability

Our destinations are shaped by their environments. DMC Network Members are committed to supporting local and global intiatives which help make our whole world a more sustainable destination...
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Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability and the preservation of our natural environment is of utmost importance to the Custom Ireland team. This doesn’t simply extend to environmental sustainability, but also to social equity and economic development.



In 2022 Turas Custom Ireland Ltd, meaningfully supported Irish-based Self Help Africa and Plant the Planet Games and donated 2,000 trees to be planted in Ireland and 20,000 trees to be planted in Africa.


In November 2022, 50 intercounty GAA players were invited to Kenya with Self Help Africa to play the first intercounty, all-star GAA games in Africa. This historical event was an extraordinary initiative with an even more important goal: to raise the funds to plant over 1,000,000 trees in Africa to help to combat climate change, and to help African families cope with its worst effects.


The Irish native trees for this donation were planted in Feb/March 2023 by Irish planting partner Trees on the Land. Individual trees, groups of trees, small woodlands, shelterbelts, hedgerows, coppice groves, agroforestry projects, orchards, parkland trees, rows and avenues of trees and larger woodlands were planted. Trees on the Land work with hundreds of farmers, smallholders, schools and colleges, community groups, sports clubs, councils and other landowners to find land to accommodate trees each season.


They supply bare-rooted forestry grade whips; these young trees are hardy and well adapted to the Irish climate and being small, can be handled and planted easily. A number of the native Irish trees are commonly available. These are sessile and pedunculate oak, common alder, common birch, hawthorn, blackthorn, hazel, rowan, crab apple and scots pine. They are a diverse and hardy collection and serve well for establishing woodlands, copses, hedgerows and shelter belts in all sorts of conditions.

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Impact of trees in Ireland...

Trees and woodlands planted through this project provide many different and vital ecosystem services. Woodlands and individual trees provide habitat for many different species of plants, insects, animals, birds and other living things. They all rely upon and in turn contribute to the ecosystems they inhabit. Fruit and nut trees provide a food source not just for humans but also for birds, animals and other creatures.


Trees and woodlands also provide valuable social, aesthetic and cultural benefits. Woodlands are popular with both tourists and local communities as a leisure and recreational amenity. They also provide cultural, educational and employment opportunities through the learning and practice of forestry, woodworking, building and carpentry skills as well as other traditional techniques and crafts.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a vested interest in sustainability and we make it our priority that all our suppliers and partners follow suit. For the past four years, our company has initiated a carbon offsetting programme where, apart from the energy saving elements of our physical office, we have partnered with an environmental organisation Mossy Earth to plant indigenous trees in County Clare to offset the carbon footprint of each of our clients. The Custom Ireland office is run as an efficient and environmentally conscious space. 

  • We use energy saving lightbulbs with our electricity coming from 100% renewable sources. 

  • Recycling being part of our culture, and the office is paperless as is physically possible. 

  • We’ve adopted a 4-day work week for 9 months of the year in an effort to reduce our usage of resources that are required to run an office. 

  • We are members of Sustainable Travel Ireland, and are considered strong influencers within the industry, by ensuring that our suppliers also adhere to the same high standards to which we hold ourselves.

  • Our preferred transport suppliers in Ireland are Euro 6 Compliant. This means that they have the most sustainable fleet possible in the luxury travel industry.

  • Sustainability forms a major part of each discussion with our venues. As food waste is a significant contributor to our industry, we will ensure that this is managed by the chefs in each venue, and that over-ordering will not happen. Any excess food that can be reused, will be passed on to organisations like the Simon Community or similar in other destinations.

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Custom Ireland is a boutique DMC based in Dublin. We craft once-in-a-lifetime experiences in pursuit of authentic journeys and lasting memories.



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