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What is an Award Winning Event?

What does an award winning event look like? What makes it unique and successful? Our DMC Network Members share the challenges and solutions behind their industry winning events...
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Ultimate Ventures is a full-service event and destination management company (DMC) that employees 10 office staff and over 90 field staff. We have been named the 'Best Meeting/Event Planning Company in Texas' by Texas Meetings and Events Magazine and one of the 'Top DMCs in the world' by Special Events Magazine on multiple occasions.

We love what we do, and we’re passionate about bringing our client’s ideas to life. It’s why we get out of bed every morning! We’ve spent decades perfecting our client, vendor and program management processes to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. You’ll find our attention to detail makes your job easier than ever before.



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Our Industry Awards

There’s no other DMC in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that matches our credentials. Learn about the extra measures our company has undertaken to become a top performer in the industry and give our clients peace of mind...



'Wildflower Welcome'


Our pharmaceutical client came to us with a big task and grand vision: to transform an underground meeting space into a field of wildflowers. The overall goal of this program was to bring guests together for an educational seminar and demonstration on the pharma company’s newest product line, as well as re-educate attendees on their other product lines.

This was to be accomplished in a three-day program with two waves of attendees. The client’s vision was for the entire ballroom to “grow” from floor to ceiling with greenery and florals. The vision also included converting the foyer into a scenic activation area that focused on engaging the attendees to recap the benefits of their additional product lines. Each activation’s look was designed to play off a product’s specific branding colors.


The Challenge

How do you transform an underground ballroom into a field of wildflowers, simultaneously creating two separate events in the same room, with different ambiances for day and night, without being able to flip the room after it is set? On top of that, make sure those florals will last through a three-day, two wave meeting! The bar was set impossibly high...

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The Solution

The main WOW-factor for the program focused on the ballroom, where all daytime meals and an evening gala dinner would take place for both waves. The main challenge was that once we set the room, we would have no opportunity to flip it for the gala dinners. We had to focus solely on lighting to transform the room from a daytime to evening look.