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10 DMC Network members named 2023 ADMEI Achievement Award finalists

DMC Network partners continue to punch well above their weight, with a number of outstanding programs earning recognition late last week as 2023 ADMEI Achievement Award finalists. "It is absolutely outstanding to see so many of our partner DMCs once again dominating this year's award categories," said Aoife Delaney, VP of Business Development for the DMC Network. "This showcases the best-in-class talents of our individual members, and is truly an exciting cause for celebration across the Network." The ADMEI Awards identify DMCs that excel in destination management services for a specific program. Finalists and winners are determined by scores entered by panels of international judges, and entries must reach a scoring threshold to be named a finalist. DMC Network members named as a 2023 ADMEI Awards finalist include:

  • Accent Indy (Indianapolis, Ind.) — nominated for "Best Event - $200,000 or less"; "Best Logistical Achievement"; and "Best Overall Program"

  • ACCENT New Orleans, Inc. (New Orleans, La.) — nominated for "Best Entertainment Production" and "Best Four-Week Challenge Event"

  • CE DMC (San Antonio, Texas) — nominated for "Best Overall Program"

  • Corinthian Events (Boston, Mass.) — nominated for "Best Community or Public Event" and "Best Entertainment Production"

  • Destination Philly A.C. (Atlantic City, N.J. and Philadelphia, Pa.) — nominated for "Best Incentive Program"

  • Imprint Events Colorado (Colorado, USA.) — nominated for "Best Community or Public Event"; "Best Entertainment Production"; "Best Team Building or CSR Activity"; "Best Virtual or Hybrid Event"; and "Best Overall Program"

  • Imprint Events Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nev.) — nominated for "Best Destination Spotlight Video" and "Best Event - $200,001 or $500,000"

  • Island Destination Services (Bahamas) — nominated for "Best Overall Program"

  • Mosaix Group (Asheville and Charlotte, N.C.) — nominated for "Best Logistical Achievement"

  • Southwest Conference Planners (Arizona, USA) — nominated for "Best Creative Solution to 'New World' Challenges" and "Best Event - $200,000 or less"

Beverly Brin, DMCP, General Manager at Ultimate Ventures (another DMC Network partner), will also be recognized during the 2023 Awards Gala as a Hall of Fame / Lifetime Achievement Honoree. The DMC Network HQ team and leaders from many of its partner DMCs look forward to celebrating everyone's achievements in early 2023 at the ADMEI Annual Conference, taking place February 2-4 in Tampa Bay, FL.


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