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DMS Mexico debuts as newest DMC Network member

Introducing Mexico City and surrounds as exciting, urban event destinations

The DMC Network is expanding its reach into Central Mexico with the introduction of DMS Mexico as the group’s newest DMC partner.

In addition to their Mexico City homebase, DMS Mexico also operates programs in surrounding cities and regions, including San Miguel de Allende (Guanajuato), Puebla, Mérida, and Oaxaca.

“We look forward to building on our strong record of partnering both within our region, and with others in the industry, to now deliver impeccable experiences as a new DMC Network partner,” commented Eric Alvarez, the CEO of DMS Mexico. 

Eric is the second generation of the Alvarez family to operate DMS Mexico after his father, Jorge Alvarez, founded the company in 1979 — making it the oldest-running DMC in the country. DMS Mexico has been a mainstay in international industry associations, including MPI and ATR, as well as the Mexican DMC association, AMDEMAC. 

The cities DMS Mexico works in offer rich cultural tapestries that serve as a strong backdrop for both business and special affinity group events of all sorts, featuring Mexico’s vibrant culture, gastronomy, art, and historical wealth — making their destinations an appropriate fit for just-as-diverse clientele.

“DMS Mexico is an exemplar of how we as a Network have so much to offer, no matter what kind of planner you are or what you’re looking for from your next event destination,” said Aoife Delaney, Vice President of Business Development for the DMC Network. “We warmly — and excitedly — welcome Eric and the full DMS Mexico team and look forward to learning from and collaborating with them.”

Anyone interested in learning more about DMS Mexico’s services and destinations is invited to connect with a member of the DMC Network HQ team.  


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