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Next stop: Greece, with Optimum DMC

Epic history meets easy, breezy high seas

Participants on a post-DMC Network Exchange fam trip to the Greek Islands saw and did it all in just a few short days with our in-country DMC partner, Optimum Greece. In awe of its idyllic splendour, here's just a glimpse of this very special Greek fam!

A taste of Athens and the Greek Islands

Why Greece?

All of our fam attendees had never been to Greece so we wanted to highlight how Athens is a city with great history and archaeological sites, and is also cosmopolitan: offering a blend of old and the new.

It is also a destination with a resort side to it. You have city and beachfront hotels as well as nearby islands that you can visit, all without needing to move to another hotel.

Planners enjoyed...

  • Staying cool (yes, it's possible!) during a visit to the Acropolis Museum, with a guided tour to view ancient artifacts and the Acropolis up-close.

  • A Saturday spent island-hopping, including visits to Hydra, Moni, and Aegina.

  • Basking in the glory of the Panathenaic Stadium, home of the first modern Olympic Games and the site where the Olympic Flame is passed to new host cities.

An insider tip

Greece is a multi-destination – destination. There are numerous options on offer, in countless combinations. The beauty is that each destination has its own character, cuisine, architecture, traditions, activities and experiences.

We recommend designing two-destination programs that offer unforgettable experiences for guests — and are ready to help you do it!


If you'd like to start planning your next adventure with Optimum Greece, stay tuned for more information about how to meet with the team at IMEX America in October!

Optimum Greece would also like to thank the Athenaeum InterContinental for hosting this fam and for their lovely dinner (everyone commented on the great size of the rooms and the excellent quality of dinner); the Grande Bretagne for the dinner and the magnificent views; Four Seasons for a beautiful lunch at a stunning venue by the sea; and of course, the NOŪS Hotel in Santorini for offering accommodation for our post-fam guests.

Last but not least, thank you as well to our Paola, our Director of Operations who planned, assisted and delivered this fam, and to Petros and Irene who were with us on the ground.

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