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A campfire conversation with Bixel & Company

It’s a great team supporting an even greater cause.

Bixel & Company, our LA-based DMC partner, is bringing the flavor of camp this fall to a fundraising event that will support foster youth in California. The team is proudly presenting the 2022 edition of a “Taste of Camp,” the signature fundraiser for Happy Trails for Kids, an LA-based nonprofit.

The event is set to take place on Wednesday, October 12, at the Via Rodeo located on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Guests are invited to reminisce over camp memories or make new ones during an outdoor evening of fun, elegance and nostalgia.

All funds raised will support Happy Trails for Kids, which provides overnight summer camps, year-round alumni events, and older youth programs that help campers prepare for life after foster care.

In true summer camp style, we asked Dabney Bixel & Jonathan Lopez from Bixel & Co. to spill a few secrets over a virtual campfire chat. S’mores, “bug juice,” and actual virtual campfire background optional while you preview the incredible experience our DMC partner is creating.

Let’s start with the setting of this year’s “Taste of Camp” — tell us more about where this year’s event will be held. We’re guessing the event is set somewhere a bit more glam than a bunk-filled cabin?

The event is taking place on famed Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, which makes for an amazing outdoor event venue. You can’t get any more glam than that!

​The space is a charming cobblestoned section of Rodeo Drive that is reminiscent of the European Rivieras in Italy and France, with a vibe that is both elegant and festive at the same time.

Camp also invokes memories of mess hall meals, cookouts, and other tasty eats for many of us. Can you preview some of the food and drinks awaiting “Taste of Camp” attendees this year?

We will be bringing in some delectable + eclectic food for this unique fundraising event that a has strong focus on food — if you couldn’t tell from the title!

We will be offering American-style BBQ for the meat eaters, fresh salads and other delicious veggies to keep it balanced, and various authentic Baja-style tacos to fulfill any Mexican food cravings. We have used all of these vendors before and their food is always excellent and their service is always highly professional.

We will also be providing a full bar with local wines and beers, in addition to both classic cocktails and more experimental modern one for more adventuresome drinkers.

There’s always plenty of hijinks that keep campers entertained throughout a program. What kind of entertainment will “Taste of Camp” attendees enjoy in October?

A few different live entertainment acts will be performing at this function, including a live jazz pianist for some cool background vibes.

There will also be a super talented mentalist who will take the attendees to places they’ve never been before, and some breakdancers + dynamic street performers that will add some edginess to this chic event.

So many camp memories are made possible because of the dedicated counselors working hard behind the scenes to make it such a special place. What made the Bixel and Co. team want to serve as the “counselors” behind this year’s Happy Trails event?

Well, we know the DMC Network believes firmly in the idea that DMCs make a living out of the destinations we operate in — and feels a strong moral obligation to give back to those communities.

The Bixel Team fully agrees and sees this as a good way to support an underprivileged community in our destination. Through some of our local philanthropy contacts, we found that Happy Trails does great work but, like many nonprofit organizations, is underfunded.

We’re excited to support its mission and help Happy Trails maximize its potential — and ensure everyone experiences the rewarding feelings a successful event brings!

To learn more about Happy Trails and their fall fundraising event, please visit the Taste of Camp event website.

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