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Next stop: Florence and Madrid with TERRAEVENTS

Without missing a beat, the TERRAEVENTS team continued a whirlwind week by immediately following this year's DMC Network Exchange in Milan (hosted by the TERRAEVENTS Italy team) with two post-Exchange fam trips. One group stayed in-country and explored Florence, while another departed for Madrid & Toledo, Spain.

Here's a small taste of what each trip included!

Florence, Italy

Why Florence?

Florence is the heart of the Renaissance. You can explore countless artistic masterpieces and, once you have experienced all of the history and culture that the city has to offer, you can then take off for the surrounding Hills of Chianti.

You really can have a full experience in just three days!

Planners enjoyed...

  • Seamless travel, reaching Florence from Milan in less than two hours via high-speed train

  • A tour of the historical city center led by guide and artist extraordinaire Jason Arkles — also an art historian, podcaster and author

  • A classic car trip into the Tuscan countryside

  • A truly exceptional evening as guests of Countess Isabella Miari Fulcis, with a personal tour of her family's villa and dinner on her private terrace

Madrid and Toledo, Spain

Why these cities?

Madrid is so different from Barcelona. Here, you can reach the best museums, greenspace, and the Royal Palace, all on foot. it’s full of traditions but with new luxurious properties that have recently opened, too. Toledo was the former capital of Spain and is also full of interesting historical sites to visit.

Two definite musts for high-end Spanish incentives!

Planners enjoyed...

  • Lunch with sweeping views of Toledo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was also a historical crossroads for Romans, Moors, Jews and Christians

  • A moving tour of Madrid's Royal Palace, the former residence of the Spanish Royal Family

  • Legendary entertainment at the world’s most famous Flamenco Tablao, Corral de la Morería

If you'd like to start planning your next adventure in Italy, Spain, France, or Portugal — the four destinations TERRAEVENTS serves — stay tuned for more information about how to meet with the team at IMEX America in October!


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